5776 Passover Encounter 5776 逾越節特別聚會

The Set Time
The Open of Portals of Heaven
Come and Walk into
The Supernatural!
來! 走進,超自然!
San Diego (聖地牙哥):
Global Glory Training Center
04/29 Friday 7:30pm
04/30 Saturday 10:00am
6344 Ferris Square
San Diego CA.92121
Los Angeles (洛杉磯):
CKM Mighty Wind Church
04/30 Saturday 7:30pm
05/01 Sunday 10:30am
13831 Roswell Ave Suite G
Chino CA. 91710
FREE Admission 免費入場
100 seats limited
Regisration Required
Registration (報名):
Guest Speakers (講員):
Dr. Renny McLean
Notice: Total 4 sessions in 2 different locations 注意:共四堂聚會,但在兩個不同的地點

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